Friday, February 19, 2010

And the days go on..

So lately I've been really happy, as I get closer to being able to see my husband again. Some days feel like they just drag on, and other days just fly on by. I usually keep myself busy so that helps out so much. (And if your wondering, see her husband) He is currently deployed, this is his fourth deployment. Im anxious to see him again, wrap my arms around him and give him what I would call a million kisses.

So I'v been redoing a few things in the house, finally did some paint touch-ups on a few spots I missed when I first painted, Im really excited for his reaction, he hasnt seen the house/painting I've done (in person)-I have only sent pictures through email.

Other than all of this everything is going, and going good, Im hoping for so much for this year, nothing but positive thoughts. Well of course it's snowing outside, and Im in the mood for some Hot strawberry/chocolate tea, that I just recently bought while out shopping at a few shops with a friend, and I must say it's really good.