Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Staying in shape, and being a mom

-Since I've had my daughter, life has changed so much. I'm one busy mommy, and love every minute of it! I'm so in love with her, and we just love watching her change each day. So lately both my husband and I have been each others motivation, and have been working out. I feel great and I want to continue to look and feel great. I think just because you become a mom, you should still have some "you" time. So my husband has started his p90x back up, and I have continued with my firm videos. It feels good taking time out and taking care of yourself. So as a mom I get to wash little socks, get drooled on, change who knows how many diapers, listen to non stop cooing, and babbling (which I CAN'T get enough of...I LOVE it). I just love being a mom. My husband is also on cloud 9 being a daddy. I'm so happy things worked out for the best, and everything happens for a reason. So what's for dinner tonight?! I need to start on a recipe book.