Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's been a while since I've written an entry on here. My last post was last December 2011. Our baby girl will be 20 months tomorrow. It's amazing how they grow so fast. I’ve been scrap booking, and I take tons of pictures. She fills our lives with so much love, and joy. I can't get enough of her! So we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, it was just us this year. We figured we would lay low on the traveling. My husband and I tried a few different recipes this year. Our turkey turned out awesome, if I'm able to find the recipe we went off of, I will share it! It was a link he came across on fox news web site. We put our Christmas tree up, and I've been letting Lillian make some homemade ornaments. I love this time of year (not the crazy shoppers) but the cold weather, a hot cup of coffee, and all the pretty lights! It's just so wonderful. This year has passed us by so fast. So what are you most thankful for? What has happened to you this year that has either made you into a better person, or just maybe had you rethink the way you do things. For me just having our daughter has made me realize how precious life is, it's beautiful every single detail of it. I think I'm becoming a better person inside and out. I enjoy the little moments more than I used to. This year my husband and I have kept up with our working out, and I must say...I feel GREAT, more energy (to keep up with our toddler) we love cooking together in the kitchen; it's something we enjoy doing together. January will mark our 10th wedding anniversary... (My husband has also taught me that patience is key, and that in tough times we must pull together, and just pray. It’s been an amazing almost 10 years spent with him. I'm so thankful for what I have, and who I share my life with. God is so good. So as we come to close this year, have to accomplished everything you set out to do this year? Until next time, much love!