Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year..

Happy New Year!! How did you bring in the new year? We stayed home, and did our little countdown with our little one. :) (Priceless) I didn't make any new years resolutions. I'm thinking I didn't this time because... for starters I started a workout plan a while back with my husband, and we have been pretty consistent with keeping up with it. I mean now that I think of it, I could make a resolution to be kinder, and more forgiving to those who have done me wrong in the past. (that wouldn't hurt) I hope to become healthier, more loving, a little more adventurous, and a bit more passionate for a few things. I'm hoping this year brings every one more love, happiness, and closer to achieving a goal you may have set. Today I was excited to start my first workout of the year. I've been doing the firm, xtend barre (which I highly recommend), running, hiking, and a few other workout dvd's. Today I ran for 1.51 miles, and then after I did the firms Get Chisel'd -which I love! After my workout I felt great! I'm trying to get back to drinking more water, which we do alot of that in our house. Keeping hydrated is key to a good workout, and recovery. I'm shopping around for a new pair of running shoes, which I did come across a few different ones, but I haven't made a selection just yet. Other than that I'm feeling great, and I hope you are too. Make this year your best year!!!! Until next time, much love~