Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I like my coffee with extra cream ;)

Today has turned out to be such a lovely day. I took my daughter to the park, and she loves going down the slides. Since it's cold out, when I do have a chance I brew a hot cup of coffee. We recently bought the Mr. Coffee Keurig one cup brew (in red) and so far I love it. Just before we purchased this machine, we had the cuisinart keurig brew machine, and it stopped working within two weeks. (crazy) We called the company up and we were not pleased with the outcome. We also owned the platinum Keurig brew machine, which lasted for about 2 years. That was our first Keurig machine, and we absolutely loved it. In our home, my husband is a big coffee drinker, (he buys raw beans and roasts the beans in our coffee roaster) I love the way it smells when he is done roasting the beans. Then you have me, I'm a coffee drinker, but I have to have my coffee with extra creamer. (It's a must) I love going to coffee shops here in Colorado. We just recently came across a coffee shop that has a playroom downstairs for the little ones. (It's really cute)