Monday, March 31, 2014

Life Lately..

Lately- We started on a few plants indoors. Our daughter enjoys watering and caring for them.

Lately- I've purchased fresh flowers. 
I love how  flowers freshen up a room.

Lately- I've been taking more time to care for my skin. I Apply moisturizer during the day and night. 

Lately- I've tried out a few beauty tips. Taking a lemon and applying sugar to the surface. 
I  gently rub it against my lips. It's wonderful and your lips will thank you. :)
I've also been applying slices of fresh cucumbers over my eyes when I'm resting.- It's so refreshing.

Lately- Our daughter has been enjoying her time dancing, singing and just being free. Twirling in her tutu while wearing snow boots.- She's my little sunshine.

Lately- I went shopping and picked up a few new items. Earrings, nail polish, a sheer breezy top and a new bracelet.  I've also enjoyed taking time out and soaking my feet. I've been using Tea Tree Oil gentle foot peel. 

So Lately- Life has been good. The weather has been lovely and we're spending more time outdoors. We're happy and enjoying our days. I hope you're doing the same! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy, thankful..just living. {Life these days}

Happy, thankful....just living.
A little bit of everything.

-Looking through cook books. I've been eyeing our Ice cream & sorbet recipe book.
-Relieved that most of my morning sickness has gone away.
-Planning on planting seeds and filling empty pots with a few Spring flowers.
-Attending events at our local library with the little one.
-Opening windows on warmer days.
-Experimenting with natural cleaners.
-Enjoying hugs and kisses from our daughter.
-Enjoying my time spent with my family.

Each morning we wake to a beautiful new day.
I've been feeling a bit sluggish, but I'm happy to say my growing baby bump has started to develop.
Luckily, I can still see my toes.

It's Spring and yes the past few days it has snowed. I was content and spent those cold days indoors. I'm just happy that this week seems to have plenty of sunshine and warmer temps. I'll celebrate by sitting out and soaking up some sun.-Maybe I'll even tend to my garden.

We started going back to the library.-Reading, dancing and plenty of exploring. It's Spring break and there are so many activities and events to keep kids of all ages busy.

I've started planning my trips to the farmer's market and I'm looking forward to art days on the street.
I'm planning our daughter's  birthday. She's turning 3 in April. -She's excited for our trip to the Denver aquarium. The first time we ever went she was younger and I'm sure she doesn't remember much.

 I've been on Pinterest pinning cake recipes like a crazy woman. It looks like I'll be making her a strawberry cake, with fresh strawberries and whipped strawberry frosting. Every day she reminds us that her birthday is in April. Of course we let her know we haven't forgotten. :)

I still indulge in fruit. -I just can't get enough of it. I've been participating in yoga and a few other daily exercises to boost my energy level. I carry water with me where ever I go.-And if not...I swear my husband could be the water police!  ;)

I've been enjoying my time with my family.-Giggles, hugs, games, cooking and a whole lot more! It's nice to just be able to enjoy these simple moments in life. So I'm taking a deep breath, kicking my feet up and saying hello to Spring.

I hope you all are enjoying your Spring break. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feeling better.

We spent some time playing market.-Fresh produce, milk, scoops of ice cream, pastries, flowers and pottery. By the time our daughter is done with her shopping, she could probably use two carts instead of one. I enjoy this time that we play together.

We're feeling better. This cold seems like a stubborn one. -I'm thankful that I am finally able to fall asleep without tossing and turning most of the night. I've been using our humidifier at night. - It has helped me with my breathing. Last weekend we couldn't resist the warm weather. We headed out to the park and surprisingly it was empty. We played for a little and headed home.

I'm finally able to eat without the urge of vomiting, I'm so relieved. I've been enjoying tea (decaf) with milk. - Lately I've enjoyed fruit, and morning smoothies. I snack on carrots and I enjoy a nice turkey sandwich loaded with lettuce and tomatoes. I'm now in my 14th week of pregnancy. -Our daughter sings and reads to the baby. She is always saying how she wants to give the baby a bath soon. -She's my cutie pie. 

Next week for my 15 week appointment I will have some blood work  and a few weeks after we will have an ultrasound visit. With our daughter, we were seen on the Army post. They actually gave us our first ultrasound earlier in the pregnancy. -So far everything is moving right along. 

We're all pretty excited to start working on our garden. I'm ready for spring! Thank you all for your kind words on my last post. We are feeling much better and I really do appreciate you all being so kind.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sick days.

Starting last Sunday...
Our daughter came down with a cold. -Sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose and a sore throat. -Of course I managed avoiding getting sick all the way up until Tuesday. My body has definitely felt the impact of this cold. I've been feeling weak and I haven't had much energy. Between taking care of my daughter and caring for myself it's been a little hectic.

I've been cooking soups. I have also made sure that we all stay well hydrated. My husband has been very helpful; he actually took a sick day to care for both my daughter and I. I was able to catch up on some sleep and feel somewhat refreshed. Our daughter wants a lot of cuddles, and kisses. -Of course she can have as many as she wants! I know one day she will grow out of this stage. So for now I cherish these moments that she wants to be close to both her father and I. 

I've fallen behind on blogging. - I'm sure you all understand how it is to have sick days. I have managed to visit a few blogs. I'm hoping this cold passes through quickly. I hope you all have all enjoyed your week.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend {Smiles & Sunshine days}

The weather here in Colorado is a bit wacky. -It snowed on Friday. -It was a mixture of rain/snow. I thought it was pretty, but honestly I wanted to see more of the sun. Even though it was gloomy out on Friday, we did enjoy our time indoors.

 The sun came out and it was absolutely beautiful. - Saturday came along and we enjoyed a simple morning. My husband made a delicious breakfast and we sat and enjoyed coffee while we talked about our plans for the day. Our daughter ran about. -Dancing, giggling and chasing our pug around. It was a lovely morning.

Saturday afternoon- We headed out to the Library. They had hedgehogs and Tenrecs. (The Tenrec is a mammal of the family Tenrecidae, found on Madagascar and in parts of the African mainland.) 
They discussed living environments, food, habits and qualities for both the hedgehog and tenrecs. After, the kids were able to pet and see them up close. They even made a little hedgehog craft to take home. Our daughter enjoyed her time at library. 

Later that evening, we enjoyed dinner at Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. -I of course had a side of hummus. :) When we go I normally get the chicken plate. -It's delicious.
After enjoying dinner, we headed out to the pet store.We needed a few things for our fish tank. Our daughter enjoys watching the bunnies play and the fishes swim around. We also checked out a few turtles and listened to a few birds chirping  in their cage. 

Sunday-The weather was beautiful. Almost 70 degrees here! I opened all windows and straightened up a little. After breakfast we headed out and did some yard work. Our daughter sat out; blowing bubbles, singing and smiling. -It peaceful. 

We ended our day visiting the Air Force base. Playing on the playground and enjoying a family walk. During our walk we played -I spy.  Our daughter spotted a few things; rocks, big trees, Airplanes, jets, sticks, and a few interesting obstacle courses. It was a very enjoyable family walk. 

Now we are home. Baking lasagna, and planning for the week.  I'm sad to see the weekend come to an end.-I'm so happy that we spent most of it out in the sun. It was warm, beautiful and absolutely lovely out. I have a few plans for us this week. How was your weekend? Did the sun come out and bring warmer temps your way? I hope you all have a beautiful week. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When spring finally arrives..

With warmer temps around the corner, I can't help but to feel happy and prepare things around here for spring.

Each day our daughter has been keeping track of the weather. Today it's going to be around 60. 

Pinterest has so many great ideas for cleaning. I started on this lemon/vinegar garbage disposal cleaner. Just add lemon peels, it asked for water.-I added vinegar instead. (So that it will disinfect the blades.) The lemon leaves a clean citrus smell. 

I've been reading through a few books. -Preparing our garden, planning for an outdoor kitchen and looking over a few baby room designs.

I started setting aside some spring hair clips for my daughter. Honestly she takes them out of her hair when I'm not looking. Just going through her collection made me smile. I'm just so ready for the arrival of spring.

I started going through a few purses. And this one is one of my favorites around spring time. It's light, and provides a lot of space. Inside are many pockets- allowing me to pack away a few things for my daughter.

Spring time -Lovely light scents. I have a collection of sprays and I actually went through and threw a few out. I figured I had them long enough. I spray just a little, just enough to give me a light sweet scent.

I've gone through my jewelry, setting aside a few I'll wear this spring. 

Nail color- I'll keep it simple. Around spring, I enjoy pinks..light colors actually. Sometimes I do go dark. It all just depends.

I've been enjoying my green tea face scrub. It's light and has a very light scent. I use it before bed. After I apply some night cream. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I swear everyone told me I was glowing..even after I had her. This pregnancy my skin has been smooth, and I'm hoping it continues to stay this way. I'm sure my night routine has helped. 

I came across my lantern I made last year and I can't wait to use it during nights on the back porch. The lighting was perfect for when we would enjoy our dinner outdoor. 

 I'm ready for spring. I'm actually over winter. 
I think I've seen enough snow for now. I'm ready for nights out on the porch, blooming flowers, outdoor play dates and much more! Lately I've been eating so much fruit. I picked up some grapes, watermelon and honey dew. -I combine them all in a bowl and just sit and enjoy. It's a very happy time for me, lol. 
How are you preparing for spring? 
I hope you all are having a lovely week.

Welcome new readers. I'm so happy to have you here.:)