Thursday, January 2, 2014

Little clay bowls & a sweet gift from a friend...

Little clay bowls- Lately I've been organizing my jewelry and makeup. It's been nice storing items, and reusing a few things to store them away. I created these simple, textured clay bowls. They were extremely easy to make. I took some clay, and molded them into a round bowl shape. (I used air dry clay)
Allowing it to dry completely overnight. I then took paint; mixing a few colors together, and painted each bowl. I'm using these cute handmade clay bowls to store some of my jewelry.  

A sweet gift from a friend
This sweet gift arrived earlier in the day. 
My friend Jayne sent out this adorable handmade bracelet. I absolutely love the resin rose. Thanks Jayne!  Make sure to stop by and visit her blog, and Etsy shop.

**Hello to all my readers, and welcome new readers. It's such a pleasure to have you come along on my journey. I appreciate YOU!**