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A simple wreath for less.

I recently took a trip to the craft store and picked up a few materials for my simple wreath.  I wanted to make a wreath using blue, white, and purple. The materials I purchased were all on sale. Materials I purchased: 1 blue ribbon 2 purple birds 2 white clip-on flowers 1 bundle of blue and white flowers Cost of materials Under $15 I already had a grapevine wreath at home, so I did not have to purchase one this time.  Here's what you do: Simply take your flowers and snip tool and make cuts to your flowers as you arrange them. If you don't have a craft snip tool, you can just take the end of your flower and bend it and tuck it through the wreath.   You can also use thin wire to make sure your flowers are secure on your wreath. I normally just feed the flower through the wreath.  My two birdies already had wires on the bottom. I used that wire and twisted them on the wreath. You can also use hot glue to keep your materials in place on


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