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Get to know me :)

So recently I asked a friend to give me a few questions that would help my lovely followers get to know me better. She said it was such a great idea to come up with a few questions so that my followers could get to know me! So here it goes... Q: Why do you blog? A: I blog because it's something I enjoy doing. I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with others. Q: How many children do you have? And what are their ages? A: I have just one sweet little toddler. She will be 2 this April :) Q: What's one thing you hope your little one will always remember? A: I want her to always remember how much she has truly changed our lives for the better. I know you said one thing..(hehe) but I want her to also know how much she is loved, and that she is beautiful! Q: What song is currently in your head? A: Dream, by Priscilla Ahn. (I love her music) youtube video: Priscilla Ahn-Dream -Some random things about you... I love Chai tea lattes from Starbucks. I always have

It's Friday, and what a lovely day it is :)

Today I decided to make my daughter a little flower charm bracelet. She seems to like pink, so I went through my bead collection and found some lovely pink beads, and a flower charm, and started on her bracelet. She loved it!     Today we also went to the park, and enjoyed some time out in this beautiful weather. Once we got home, it was time for lunch, so I decided we would make a nice mini pizza for the two of us. Such a lovely day!   {My little helper, helping mommy with the pizza}     I hope you all enjoyed your day, and have a lovely weekend.    

Hello sunshine!

Today was such a lovely day. While out I couldn't resist picking up some fresh flowers, so I did! I must have Spring fever or something. :) I'm sure it had to do with the wonderful weather we had here in Colorado today. It was a nice 70 degrees. Today my daughter and I did some running around town, and enjoyed a nice lunch together. My husband made us some Chicken fajitas for dinner, and I must say it definitely hit the spot. How did you spend your day? (And how's the weather over where you are at?) Until next time, enjoy the rest of your evening. I'm currently reading: Get your sparkle on, by Lindsay Cain. (I'm hoping it helps motivate me to start beading again) Fingers crossed ;)  

Why I love pinterest..{Let's build something}

We made our daughter a chair and table for her room using this website . I came across this site on Pinterest, and I loved it. She has step by step instructions. So my husband and I tackled this project, making one chair (which soon we will finish the other three chairs) and we made her table. I ended up going with a light purple for her chair, and a very light pink for her table. It turned out great! And once her chair was done, I stenciled on the word Princess, and I actually painted on a few flowers. I absolutely love home projects, and building things on our own! (It's so much fun)

Fun with Play-Doh :)

Such a lovely evening... We had so much fun playing with Play-Doh ! Today was pretty gloomy out so we decided to bring a little sunshine indoors! ;)

Let's go shopping. {play market}

It's pretty gloomy out here today. And it looks as though it may have rained a little. This morning was pretty busy. Once things settled down I was able to get some learning activities done with my daughter, and we sat and read a few books. We decided to set up a little play farmer's market, and pick up a few things. It was so much fun. We added a few things to her little play wagon, and named each item as we put them in. We picked up some corn, carrots, bell peppers, watermelon, and a few other things. :) She really seemed to enjoy our little play time.

Fun with cookie cutters {breakfast} & Fun learning,exploring!

What a lovely morning. We had some heart & star shaped french toast, with fruit. It was delicious. :)  We had so much fun exploring this morning, I came up with a " Let's find something "....exploring activity. I made a list of things for my daughter to find throughout the house, and she was so excited to be involved. It was such a fun learning activity.

Cookie & Cake party...oh and a run! :)

It's been such a lovely weekend. We pretty much relaxed, and enjoyed each other's company. The wind has been a bit out of control so we decided to just stay home, and enjoy some quality family time. This morning my daughter decided to throw a cookie and cake party. I'd have to say cookies and cake for breakfast, pretty awesome if you ask me. ;) (Of course they were her play cookies and and cake we had. I enjoyed watching her set everything up, and she even had daddy sit and join our party. It's been such a wonderful day.                                                       { Cookie&Cake Party }            I purchased these cute wooden cookies, and also the cute cake pieces             at Target in the dollar section of their store..super cute! :)                                                                                                                            So later on in the morning I went on a run, I ran 2.5 miles, it was great! I have


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