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October things.

  October has arrived, and with it comes a noticeable drop in temperature. My husband has just completed the construction of a firepit in our backyard, and we've had the pleasure of using it a few times already. As the nights grow colder, I've resorted to switching on the heat in the morning. It's worth noting that the leaves have transformed into wonderful shades of red, yellow, and orange, which are truly wonderful to behold. I'm always in awe of the beauty of change. Lately, my schedule has been quite packed with my daughters' school activities and creating new crafts. My husband was fortunate enough to receive two job offers, but we ultimately decided to decline both of them due to the quick relocation they required. In the future, we plan to be more strategic with our decision-making. A few individuals have asked us why we're interested in moving, but we believe that it's simply time for a change - a new adventure. Recently, my youngest daughter and I c


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