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A joyful heart. Thankful

Lately, I'm approaching things differently. -With a joyful heart. I'm finding peace in simple things. These past few days have been busy.- But what a difference it makes when you approach things with a joyful heart. I'm learning to listen more before I speak. Handle things in a more loving approach. My days are more positive. I am able and capable of seeing things in a different light. - With a joyful heart. I'm happier and more cheerful and it's amazing finding peace in simple everyday things. On Thanksgiving we cooked, spending most of our time in the kitchen, together -which honestly in our home we do a lot of. -It was wonderful. We asked our oldest daughter what she was most thankful for. Of course, she said her family. At that moment, I looked around and saw, a baby sleeping peacefully, my husband preparing our turkey, and our oldest in the kitchen with her apron and hat on.- I  feel so blessed and beyond thankful. - We are a


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