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Spring Decor Made Simple

Learn how to create simple and beautiful decorations that will bring a fresh and vibrant feel to your space with these three easy DIY spring decor crafts. 1. Spring Wooden Heart Wreath With Flowers Materials needed: - Wooden heart (or any design you prefer) - Silk flowers (any type will do) - Hot glue (or any adhesive you prefer) - Gems (optional) - Lettering of your choice (I used a letter stencil) - Paint (I used white paint for my letters) Instructions: 1. Take your flower pieces and glue them around your wooden heart. 2. You can add some gems to a few flowers for extra sparkle. 3. Next, design the lettering of your choice using a letter stencil. 4. Finally, paint your letters with the paint of your choice (I used white paint). That's it! Your beautiful DIY craft is complete.  2. Flowery Spring Birdhouse To create a colorful birdhouse decoration, you will need paint, flowers, and glue.  First, paint the birdhouse in your preferred color and let it d


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