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Come take a walk with us.

Come along on one of our evenings walks here in beautiful Colorado. Today we enjoyed a nice breeze. We took a family walk to one of the many parks. Along the way I took a few pictures. So feel free and come along on our evening walk. Enjoy~               Hope you enjoyed your walk with us. :)  

Coffee filter Butterfly craft

   Materials needed coffee filters paint chenille stems (pipe cleaners) wire After we made our butterflies, I used some wire and created a large ring. I attached each butterfly to the ring using some plastic craft string. We had so much fun creating and painting our butterflies.

Weekend love.

  My daughter always serves up the best cup of tea. :) This weekend we enjoyed some tea time. She even baked some delicious cookies.       This weekend we enjoyed the rain- We sat out and enjoyed the rain, along with a nice gentle breeze.               I love rainy days! (And I'm sure my flowerbed does too) :)       I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. :)


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