Saturday, January 4, 2014

Love, happiness, and joy- Embracing this life. {My journey}

My Journey through love, happiness, and joy..

May your days be filled with love. Great love; that inspires you, moves you, and lifts you up.
May your days  be filled with happiness. Happiness so deep; one which radiates light onto others. And brings you to your happy place.
Let us enjoy, and embrace these simple moments in our lives. May we be inspired and inspire others. May our lips speak positive words..
May our hearts be filled with joy. Learn to love, and embrace this life. I'm learning each day; embracing this life, loving those around me, and finding happiness in the littlest things. I'm happiest when I am surrounded by the ones I love.

 I often find myself looking back on my childhood.-Outside; running, skipping, and skating. -Just having a good time. I had a best friend, and it seemed as though it was hard to tear us apart. We laughed, shared secrets, and giggled at boys.-Oh the memories! I had a portable radio; we'd take it to the  front yard and sing along to songs as we laid in the grass. My mom was usually out watering her flowers. And often times, she would giggle at us singing our favorite songs.-I was young, vibrant and just happy!

I remember my mom's cooking. Filling our home; it smelled amazing and my friends and I would run in from playing outside. We couldn't wait to eat. We washed our hands as quickly as possible, and made our way to the table. -It was always nice sitting around the table, eating a delicious home cooked meal. -This was my happy place.

Meeting my husband
 I met my husband; we were at a briefing. A briefing for soldiers who were deploying. I noticed a shy, handsome, quiet guy across the way. We never spoke that night. We did eventually talk a few days later. Our first date fell on my birthday; he was such a gentlemen. I just knew I'd fall in love with him. And sure enough; we did. -This was a great love; it lifted us.

A Challenging time
We prayed that God would eventually bless us with a little one. We tried for 6 years to have our little one.After being diagnosed with Endometriosis; I felt somewhat relieved. We were sent away by several doctors. I remember when diagnosed I cried for a few, but honestly I just felt so relieved. Just knowing that I could have a surgery to remove those cysts which had invaded and even blocked my tubes.-I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I eventually had surgery and later my husband deployed.

 During his deployment, I was on a special birth control to help reduce the chances of the Endometriosis from growing back. He later returned in June of 2010. I had stopped all medication a few months prior.  August rolled around, and I was pregnant. I don't think I've ever cried so much in life.I was filled with great love, joy, and pure happiness. We eventually confirmed the pregnancy at the clinic. Once it was all confirmed, we held each other for a long time. -This was definitely a time I felt great love; which moved me and lifted us up.

A beautiful blessing
And we were blessed with a beautiful gift. The birth of our daughter; it was beautiful and breathtaking. She was born on April 7, 2011. I remember the mid-wife reaching out; handing me this beautiful, little baby. I held her in my arms; I  felt a great love. I was at peace; I swear my heart fluttered the moment I kissed her little head. Our little one was here and we were blessed. -We felt an abundance of love, happiness and joy.

It has been a beautiful journey.

**Hello to all my readers. I hope you all enjoy this journey embracing life's little moments one day at a time. I appreciate all of YOU.