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Creating a cozy outdoor living space.

My husband and I worked on our porch a few years back, and this is where we spend a lot of our time. The space is perfect for gathering as a family and just having that time together. Our porch is screened in, and we mostly go out to relax in this space.   Creating a cozy outdoor living space essentials - Outdoor Lighting -Outdoor pillows, and cushions -DIY screened-in porch kit -Outdoor furniture -Outdoor rug -Climate control -Hammock -Outdoor curtains Creating your cozy space Outdoor lighting- Whether you are going out in the evening hours, or hosting an outdoor dinner party, it is important to have the right lighting. You can add string lights, or have lanterns that light your outdoor living space. There are many different styles of outdoor lighting. We have hanging string lights, and also lanterns in our outdoor living space. You can add lights that dim, or even flicker.  Outdoor pillows/ cushions- Ad


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