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Simple Diy Autumn Tree.

Simple DIY Autumn Tree With just a few materials you can create this simple Autumn tree. My inspiration for this project was my love for Fall. I created this using materials from my local Dollar Tree store. Materials needed 🍁 Ribbon 🍁Fall leaves (I picked up 10 bundles) 🍁Mini lights/ I used mini leaf lights 🍁Twine 🍁 1 Plunger 🍁1 pot 🍁Scissors 🍁Hot glue   Creating your Autumn tree Start by wrapping your twine around your plunger stick.  You'll want to completely cover the wooden stick. Once you're near the middle of the stick, you'll want to stop and start attaching your fall leaves. Take each leaf bundle, and glue it to your plunger stick. You'll want to have some that are glued closer to the top and a few that are lower. This will help fill in spots.   Once you have all the leaves glued on, take the rest of your twine and cover the stems on your leaf bundle. Continue wrapping them, making sure to cover the stems. Using your scissors cut the remaining twine off.


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