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10 Reasons To Be Thankful Now

“Express gratitude for the greatness of small things.” ―  Richie Norton Source Here are 10 reasons to be thankful: 1. Every day brings new opportunities and the sun is shining. 2. There are people in your life who love you. 3. You can give love to others. 4. You are in good health. 5. We have the freedom to enjoy many things in life. 6. You have the opportunity to learn new things every day. 7. You can cherish your past joys and memories. 8. Technology has made our lives easier. 9. Sometimes strangers show us kindness. 10. Forgiveness is always possible. Take time to reflect on these reasons and consider what you are thankful for. Consider keeping a journal to record daily entries of your positive thoughts. Focusing on gratitude can help start your day on a positive note. I would love to hear from you! Please comment below and let me know what you are thankful for. Pin/save/share for later **Need more inspiration or motivation? If so check out a few of my other posts below*


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