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The place we call HOME.

Since moving to Colorado, (from Arizona) some time back, I've fallen in love with this place I call home. It's beautiful, the people here seem so down to earth, and I'm in love with being out in nature. They have so many trails, and nature centers. We love taking our daughter to the park, museum, children events, and more!  Our beautiful  daughter was born here on the military post back in 2011. Colorado is where we bought our now 6 year old pug, who we love dearly. We have attended wine festivals, local farmers market, and  have experienced the lovely sounds of the symphony. (I absolutely love their Christmas performances) Lately I've been praying that all of us experiencing this heat could see some rain very soon. This heat hasn't helped with the fires, and I know all of us here are praying that we can get some moisture soon. Last year everyone came together when we had the Waldo fire, and now we as a community are coming together  once again. In the midst of a

Family fun-{creating paper bag puppets}

    We just recently made some paper bag puppets. A simple project, which we have done many times. It's just always such a fun family project. Using some washi tape, crayons, craft wiggly eyes, and yarn. We created some pretty cool puppets. :) Our daughter ran around the house pretending that her puppet was a monster as she made her little monster sounds. We had so much fun!     Since my husband has been on leave we have been busy with activities for our daughter, and enjoying nights out on the patio, staying up late watching movies, and doing a little bit of traveling. Our local library has been having summer programs (which I will post pictures at a later time) so that has also been keeping us busy with our daughter. We also took a trip down to Denver and visited the Children's museum. (Oh it was so fun)           {My daughters puppet}              


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