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A day at the library.

“Come with me,' Mom says. To the library.  Books and summertime  go together." ―  Lisa Schroeder ,  I Heart You, You Haunt Me And crafts of course! We've been spending our time at our local library. It's been filled with reading, crafts, and lots of fun presentations. We recently met a miniature horse. The children gathered around giggling and smiling, -ready to meet this miniature cutie!  They set up stations around the library. Some were combing, petting, and feeding the horse. Others are taking turns with the lasso station.  They even set up an area for photos. It was a wonderful experience for all.  Inside, we worked on crafts. Glue, paper, jewels, markers- it sure was fun.  Do you visit your local library often?  What events do they offer at yours? :)

Teamwork. Simple days

It's summer and boy has it been heating up! This weekend we stayed in. We joined in the baby's room and painted as a family. Our daughter helped with excitement. We played some music and chatted about our plans for when her little sister arrives. Before we painted we had a buttercream-light yellow color on the walls. It was a color I chose during my husband's last deployment in the Army. Of course with a toddler, painting took two full days. In between, we snacked on kettle corn and oranges while watching a movie. With this heat, I've been watering my plants early morning and later in the evening. After our time spent painting, we all freshened up and enjoyed a nice dinner. It felt so nice to sit and relax. Our days were simple. Teamwork at its best! I'm happy to say we finished the painting. How did you spend your time this weekend?


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