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Atlas Tea Club- My Tea Box Review

Atlas Tea Club is a monthly subscription service that takes you on a journey to explore different teas from around the world. With each box, you get to discover new flavors, cultures, and communities through your tea. Every month, you can explore tea from a new country.  To get started, visit their website and choose your preferred caffeine level, tea type, and the amount of tea you want delivered to your doorstep. You can choose to receive two different teas each month or one unique tea. I was thrilled when I received my Atlas tea box, which contained teas from Eastern Nepal. The box also included a postcard with a brief history lesson on Nepal's tea culture and region. Additionally, I received a reusable tea bag and a few all-natural recyclable tea filters. The Kumari Gold tea, a black tea with high caffeine that required a five-minute steeping time, had tasting notes of caramel, baked fruit, and honey. The tea had a lovely aroma of caramel, and every sip was smooth and enjoyabl


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