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All things.

All things... Enjoying   simple days.- More family walks and game nights.  Reading - I often find myself looking through pregnancy magazines. Finding new healthy recipes or eyeing cool baby gadgets. Cooking - We've enjoyed a few new recipes. Just recently we purchased a jar of Jerk seasoning from World Market. -Grilled jerk chicken, was delicious! Baked cinnamon roll donuts were also on the menu. Craving - Blended fruit smoothies, mangoes, avocados, and spicy foods. Capturing -  I've been exploring and capturing moments with our camera. A display of flags filled the streets on Memorial Day.-It was a beautiful sight. Each flag gently waved in the breeze. I've also taken quite a few pictures of my growing belly. -It's changing and it's beautiful.  Preparing -  I've taken the time to gather a few baby supplies. Folding and setting items aside. Feeling - Pretty darn good!  I've been exercising, drinking tons of water, and eating

Tea please.

“Drinking tea with a pinch of imagination!”  ―Good reads It's been raining for the past two days. I absolutely love it and I do wish I owned a pair of rain boots. I'd probably go out and jump in muddy puddles.-Peppa Pig seems to be quoted a lot in our home by our three-year-old. I can't help but smile. This weekend we adventured out and did a bit of shopping. We took a short trip to one of my favorite stores, World Market. I always leave picking up more than expected.  While shopping, we came across a cute tea set for our daughter.  The set includes: -1 teapot with lid -4 cups -4 plates -1 creamer -1 sugar bowl -4 spoons -4 towels 12 color paints -1 paint brush and instructions for baking your tea set.  We arrived home and gathered around the table. Outside it was raining, and a window slightly opened. The air was fresh and we sat around watching our daughter paint her tea set. -We of course couldn


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