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Our week.

  This week here in Colorado the weather has been in the 90s. The little one and I enjoyed some water/bubble play out in the back, we had such a lovely time. She did some splashing and bubble-blowing. And of course, mommy was splashed a few times with the water. :)       This week we enjoyed some apples with peanut butter, and rice crackers with garlic hummus during snack time.     This week we went to the library for a craft and story, and the theme was dinosaurs. We originally made some dinosaur feet at the library but they ended up tearing. So of course, once we got home I decided we would make our own.  So now we have a little dinosaur in our home, I love it! :)     My darling husband came home from work during the week and surprised me with this lovely arrangement. I love him so much.       Today my daughter did some painting on her art easel, and we listened to some sing-a-longs, we also did some reading, and today's book of choice

Little fruit heads. Popsicle stick craft

Little fruit heads! (my husband came up with the name) Today my daughter and I made these cute little fruit heads and added them to popsicle sticks. For this craft, all you need are craft paper, glue, wiggly craft eyes, and popsicle sticks. Oh, and of course some crayons. This craft was very hands-on for my daughter. She colored each fruit once I cut them out. She also glued on the eyes, and put each of them on a popsicle stick. What a simple and cute craft. Enjoy~

Weekend Adventure.

We kicked back and enjoyed some live music on Friday. We first stopped off at the oh-so-delicious Cold Stone, (hey mama has a sweet tooth from time to time, haha).  I picked up my favorite scoop of ice cream, Birthday cake remix. It was delicious! We then made our way across the street where they were having live music, and sat out on our blanket, and kicked back. It was wonderful. On Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful views while we visited the downtown area of Colorado springs. We attended the Art festival and had a great time. They had such beautiful art pieces displayed. This weekend my daughter and I had some fun with clay, molding, and creating different textures. We haven't yet painted our creations, but I figure we will do that this week. I created a few more cards to soon add to my online store. (I have not opened my store yet, but I'm hoping to do so soon.) We have been experiencing changes in the weather here in Colorado. It's been raining for over a week no


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