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Color Changing Carnations.

I remember discussing color-changing celery with my husband. He mentioned experimenting with that when he was in school. I know at some point we all have.  For this experiment we used carnations.  Take three measuring cups and fill them with water. Our daughter then put a few drops of food coloring.-At this point she was excited and ready to add in the carnations.  We allowed them to sit in the food coloring overnight. In the morning we noticed the tips of each flower had changed. Currently, they are sitting in the food coloring. I'm hoping that by this evening we will see more change in color. Have you tried this with your children? If so, how did they react to the color change? Our daughter had a few questions about the color. She specifically wanted to know how it happens.  I figured after exploring creepy crawlers we could enjoy this simple hands-on experiment.  **Update- One carnation changed entirely in color.- Going from white to yellow. The pink

Exploring, Baking and more.

“Let Nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth This weekend: We explored the garden. Searching for worms, beetles, and what other interesting insects we came across. Our daughter caught a few with her insect net and placed them in her bug catcher. Soon after exploring with her magnifying glass, we released these tiny critters back where they belong.   We also enjoyed our time exploring flowers. Up close and personal -using the  magnifying  glass. We discussed the different shapes, textures, designs, and more. In my garden: Flowers are bloomed, bees are happy-buzzing around and hummingbirds stop in for a visit. In the kitchen- My husband decided to make a few donut balls.- Warm and iced over with a sweet delicious frosting. We enjoyed every last bite... Later in the kitchen- I prepared a side dish to go along with the brisket my husband had been cooking for hours.  I put together one of my favorites-cauliflower bake with green olives,


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