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Crazylittlelovebirds Link Party #3

 Welcome to Crazylittlelove birds link party #3!    Share  your family-friendly posts, latest recipes, creative crafts, and inspiring home decor ideas. Let's start the party and see what amazing content we can all discover together! Looking for a simple and cute Halloween craft? Check out my latest tutorial where I show you how to transform a picture frame into a cute Halloween display! Link below DIY Fun Halloween Picture Frame Art Featured posts from party #2 8-25-23/8-29-23 Congratulations to our featured bloggers!  This link party is possible because of all of you. I am so grateful. Thank you to each and every one of you who entered last week's party.  Let's start with Cara from Vintage Style Gal who has shared an incredibly cute and budget-friendly DIY Halloween Ghost.  The tutorial is easy to follow and you can find it here: Halloween Ghost On A Budget. Moving on to Beth from Creatively Beth, who has created a fall pumpkin flag that's perfect for displaying on you

DIY Fun Halloween Picture Frame Art

Greetings! I am thrilled to share a fun and effortless craft idea with everyone. Today, we will be making a Halloween picture frame art. This craft is interactive and suitable for children to participate in. I will guide you through every step and also provide a list of materials needed. If you are excited, let's begin and have a blast creating! DIY Fun Halloween Picture Frame Art Materials One frame- Any size will work, I'm using 3.75x3.75 Halloween felt stickers-I purchased a pack from Dollar Tree Gem strips-You can find these at Dollar Tree and they have a sticky backing to them Adhesive (optional) Acrylic paint-I'm using black and white Scissors Paintbrush Round sponge brush Applying paint to the picture frame To begin, take out the paper from the center of the frame. Keep it aside for later use in the craft.  After removing the paper, use a paintbrush to apply black acrylic paint onto the wooden frame. I applied about two coats of black acrylic paint to my frame and le


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