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Snapshots from our week.

At the end of the night... Warm and cozy. What a beautiful sunset. Bedtime routines. Teeth are being brushed. In between there are giggles. Of course, I put her vase on display.  Our 5 year old created this clay vase just for me. Library days. This week we spent a lot of our time attending library events. We really enjoy this time. Books, stories, music, art, and wiggling and giggling.  It's a fun time for all!

DIY Upcycled Peanut Jars

Transform your old peanut jars into stylish, functional containers with these creative and easy DIY upcycling ideas. Learn how to repurpose your peanut jars and give them a new life with practical and decorative uses.   Materials needed: Two  empty peanut containers Two sheets of crafting paper tape scissors Start  by removing the old label on your peanut containers  Next, you'll want to wrap your crafting paper around your container.  If you find that it does not completely cover the container, cut out a single strip to use later. I found it easier to wrap my containers with my craft paper and make the marks I needed before cutting them to size.  Tape your crafting paper into the container and then make necessary cuts to the paper using your scissors. Once this is done, take the last piece of crafting paper that you cut out earlier and place it over the spot that you were unable to cover. Take some clear tape and apply it to the container.  Please keep in mind


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