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A new home for our toad friend.

A few years ago we noticed there was a total of three toads in our window well. I think it was due to all the rain and flooding we had experienced. I wasn't sure how they had got in there, but we noticed a tiny tunnel on the side of the window well. They created a tiny entrance. We had two in one window well and one that stayed in another alone. My girls gave each toad a name. We had Adorbs, Sweetie, and Little One.  A new home for our toad friend Adorbs sitting in his new pond Adorbs emerging from his new home Sweetie sitting on a rock light with a cotton seed in her mouth About a month ago we were hit with flooding. One of our window wells completely collapsed.  We're currently working on repairing it. The rain created a slight mudslide which collapsed one and created a pile-up in the other. I'll just say the cleanup process was not fun, not one bit.  We were able to rescue one of the toads, Adorbs. We have not been able to find Sweetie. I really hope she found a way out.

Creating faux stained glass using plastic plates

Learn how to create stunning faux stained glass using plastic plates with this easy and eco-friendly DIY project. Discover creative ways to reuse plastic plates and bring a beautiful stained glass effect to your home decor. Hi everyone! I'm excited to share a quick craft with all of you. I am reusing a plastic plate giving it a stained glass look. I will run you through two options. I'm joining the Sustainable challenge with a group of other bloggers, sharing eco-friendly and sustainable craft ideas. This is my first time participating. I am thrilled to share this upcycled craft with you all. The theme this month is sunshine. I chose to go with this project since I had extra clear plastic plates stored away since my oldest turned 12 this past April. I purchased a pack around her birthday and stored away the plastic plates that didn't get used.  Creating faux stained glass using plastic plates Materials One plastic plate One sheet of paper for creating a template Pencil Sten


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