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10 things to do to experience a happy, joyful, loving life.

Go for a walk. Explore some beautiful scenery and it never really hurts to get fresh air. Snuggle up with a good book. Hey maybe even listen to an audiobook. Read something inspiring, motivational, or even funny.  Hug someone. I hope you love hugs just as much as I do. I just love hugs from my family.  We can all use more hugs! Take a road trip. Again explore the beautiful scenery around you.  Take pictures of things you find fascinating, beautiful, and simple. You'll enjoy looking back on the photos you've taken. Call, or write a friend. I'm sure they will love hearing about all your new adventures and catching up is always so much fun. Find something you enjoy doing. Whether it's painting, knitting, creating pottery, or experimenting with a new recipe. Once you find out what it is take some time to enjoy that and maybe even turn it into a new hobby. Keep a journal. I've mentioned this before in a few other posts. It's a great way to release your t


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