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Currently.- My January list of things.

Listening to James Bay- Chaos And The Calm Checking off my reading list-1. Blessings for the morning, by Susie Larson. 2. You're going to be okay, by Holley Gerth. 3. Simply Clean, by Becky Rapinchuk. Coming up with more ideas for blogging. Thinking about starting up my store again.  Enjoying family movie night on Saturdays with my family. Smiling more. - I'm just so happy and full of so much love to share. Embracing the little moments more. It's true what they say, life is short. Like seriously let's live each day with a purpose. Engage in more meaningful conversations. Laugh more. Be present. You're one of a kind and simply amazing.♡ Enjoying more lattes at home. After my husband and I purchased our latte machine we have really been enjoying it together. I love our latte moments. Staying away from social media.- Yes, I still blog and occasionally pin things on Pinterest, but I no longer engage in what some may call social media nonsense. I'm leav


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