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Learning together.- Educational websites we enjoy

We're always exploring and finding new ways to learn. When we aren't painting, building, or creating.- We visit a few of our favorite sites.  Below I've provided a  few sites we enjoy visiting from time to time. I've also included a short description of each. -Enjoy Abc mouse- We use this site often. You pay monthly and it provides your little one with reading, music, math,  basics-(letters) art, music, songs, puzzles, and games. We're currently using the preschool setting on the website. We enjoy combining this with other activities. They also have an area for kids to visit the farm and zoo. Abcya -I came across this site randomly. I was up one morning searching the web and that's when I saw it. Here you will find activities such as letters, numbers, shapes, patterns, and much more. My daughter enjoys visiting this site and creating her very own art. (create your own pizza,-learning shapes as you create) (Free) Starfall - This is another site where


Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, and no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross I'm learning that no matter what always give your all. I'm learning that all things happen for a reason. I'm learning that some people will never understand the meaning of a sincere apology. I'm letting go and forgiving them regardless. I'm learning to appreciate each day. There's beauty in this life. I'm learning that breaks are good and sometimes it's best to take a step back. I'm learning to embrace the simple things in life. I've learned that you should always speak the truth. If you end up losing someone from speaking the truth, so be it! I've learned that no matter what you should never become a stepping stone for someone else. I've learned that there is so much happiness in life.  If y

May lately. -Snapshots

Gardening/grilling/painting/relaxing/playing/exploring/sunshine/laughter/together/enjoying May has arrived and we're thrilled. With all that has happened, our truck needing a new transmission and my old camera breaking, we have been fortunate to get things under control. Our truck is currently in the process of being worked on and I was able to purchase a new camera.  Lately, we have enjoyed more simple things. Things aren't as hectic and everyone is smiling. -That of course is always a good thing. I enjoy my time out gardening and my daughter enjoys helping with the flowers. Evenings are spent out on the back porch.-Grilling and catching up over refreshing drinks.  Indoors we enjoy painting, singing, baking, building blocks, and knocking them down. -We all have a good time! Baby girl #2 has been kicking, especially at night. I enjoy these moments. Her sister sings to her and shares her day with her. I can't help b


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