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Simple Spring Hanging Decoration Craft For Kids.-And a bonus craft

Hello and happy spring to everyone! We have been busy getting ready for spring break, and this week we will be attending some events for the kids. Over the weekend, we made a few simple crafts that were so much fun and easy to create.  Below, you will find a list of the materials needed and the steps to create this simple craft. Enjoy reading! Materials needed Paper plates (I purchased these from Dollar Tree) String- Any will do. I used some leftover gift bag string Scissors Jewels/Gems (I found this bag of butterflies at Dollar Tree) Clear tape Hole puncher (I used my flower punch out) Creating your Spring hanging decoration This craft is pretty much hands-on for children. If your child is not yet using scissors, you can help with this first part.  Using scissors cut out the middle of the paper plate.  Once you do this step, take your clear tape and apply it, covering the middle area of the plate. You will want the sticky side of your tape to face


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