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Morning love.

Every morning is a beautiful morning. ~Terri Guillemets Morning...I've managed to climb out of bed. I'm still a little groggy. It seems as though a hot shower hasn't helped much. -I mean it did warm me up, and maybe even relax me a little. But of course, I'm still groggy. I'm reminded that I need to quickly wake my mind, and get my body moving. -There's a little person (toddler) living in this home, and I'm sure she won't like it if mom stays in bed all day. (Sometimes I wish I could). But for me, that's nearly impossible, and I'm always on the go. So I'm up, I've opened curtains, made beds, and prepared a light breakfast. I've spent my time preparing breakfast and going over the alphabet and numbers with my little love. We sit..I'm finally feeling refreshed, and content. We enjoy our breakfast, and I'm amazed at how much my little one has learned. She's going onto three, and yes she's still my little one. She


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