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Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment took place in November 2013. Cold weather, coffee brewing, and these delicious Jam cookies were in the oven baking. It was wonderful and we enjoyed them as we sipped our coffee and stayed warm indoors.  Each Thursday I will be posting a peaceful moment. I would love to hear what your peaceful moment has been during the week or a peaceful memory from the past. Leave your comment below or on Google+. 

A little trip.

We recently took a little trip to the  Manitou Cliff Dwellings  museum. Our oldest had a field trip scheduled with some of the other students who also attend the online academy. My husband and I have visited the Cliff dwellings in the past, but this was the first visit for my oldest and her sister.  The weather was perfect out. A cool breeze and the sun peeked out from behind a few clouds. The children watched a 16-minute video on the Anasazi people. After they painted some clay bowls and we all took a tour. The tour was about two hours and the kids absolutely loved it. What a lovely adventure for all.


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