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Christmas time

Christmas... We had a wonderful time. We spent it together and kept it small. Christmas Eve; we attended our church. Christmas morning; we enjoyed our morning reading, coffee, and a light breakfast. We watched our daughter open her presents. Her face lit up with excitement, and our hearts were filled with joy. I'd have to say her favorite gift this year, would have to be her playing violin. She hasn't stopped playing for her Daddy and me. Later on..we enjoyed some time at the park. It was nice out, and the sun was shining. We arrived back home; the aroma of Hot apple cider and baked ham soon filled our home. We sat, and enjoyed a nice Christmas dinner. It was a nice, peaceful Christmas spent with my loves. This year... We have learned so much. Our love has grown deeper, and I've learned to appreciate the little things. I've laughed, loved, and even cried. I've fallen in love all over again with my family. I've recognized my faults,

Weekend love.-Capturing moments

Pretty lights , baked goodies , and family time -I could cherish these moments for a very long time.  I enjoyed evenings spent by our Christmas tree. -It just feels so cozy. One of my favorite ornaments hangs in the very front of our tree. It's very special to me and represents the love, and bond I have with my daughter. God truly has blessed us. While deployed to the Middle East- my husband picked up this hand-painted vase. It's traveled around a bit. It's now displayed on a shelf in our living room.  Our daughter hosted a pastry party. There were plenty of goodies and cakes with delicious whipped toppings. My favorite was the strawberry cake she prepared.  Our nights included- Art and family play dough creations.  Our time was spent in the kitchen preparing simple dishes and baking sweet goodies.  We enjoyed a pesto chicken sandwich, along with a simple cucumber salad.  Baking was


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