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Sewing complete..maybe a hike later :)

I finally finished a few sewing projects I started for my daughter. It was so nice to see these projects complete. I sewed her a little hello kitty tote, and a hello kitty blanket, along with a pillow case. (Those two are stored away, I'm waiting to surprise her with those on her birthday tomorrow) What projects have you started on?                   Today we are having some beautiful weather, I'm sure we will all go for a nice stroll, or maybe even a little hike. :) I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

Cute colorful caterpillar clothespin craft

This craft was so easy to do, and way fun! I've seen this craft posted in a few craft stores,  and figured hey let's make it! All you need for this: -clothespins -craft pom poms - Hot glue gun -paste on craft eyes -paint-optional. Glue pom poms onto clothespin, and after glue on the eyes, and all done!  Yes it was really that easy. My daughter really enjoyed this craft. :) {He's just relaxing in my windowsill herb garden} Pin for later

Our lovely day (Captured through pictures)

  {Hello sunshine} Start to my day.. Tazo Cucumber White Tea. Very refreshing         Hello deer.. On our way to the zoo we ran into this deer. Had to take a picture. :)       {The beauty  of  the outdoors.} Colorado Mountains.         Some zoo friends.       A little exploring...       {A splash of orange} What a beautiful flower!         A little card making & some sewing...       It's been a lovely day with my family. I hope the same goes for all of you.        

Handprints, and doggy ears ;)

Handprint messages! {Just Be you You}   All I used was- -paint (I used some finger paint for kids) -little hands :) -Craft paper -and a sharpie!   Yes it's a little messy...but it's so fun!     Fun Doggy hat with floppy ears     We did this fun craft at the library. All you need for this projects is:   -Construction paper -scissors -stapler -glue stick   It's really simple, start off by measuring your child's head, cut a thick strip from the construction paper , and overlap and staple. After you create the ears (Any shape you would like) We decided to make ours droop. :) Then cut them out, and glue them onto the hat. All done!     Enjoy!      
Family = unconditional love, happiness,  home, future , memories... forever This weekend was so lovely.  Every day spent with my family is pure joy! Today we were pretty busy (since my husband is on leave) and planning for an upcoming birthday for our sweet little one. We took our daughter to Stay and play at the library, it was so much fun. We danced, sang, and read books. After I went to my favorite place (The dentist office)...I'm kidding, really it's my least favorite place to go to, but hey we all have to keep our smiles healthy. :) After my appointment we spent most of our day shopping for birthday decorations, and crafts. Even though we had a busy day, I always try and fit in a craft with my daughter. Today we made puppets. I found two kits at the craft store. I couldn't pass it up, it was so cute! And we also painted some spring time tulips (So fun). How was your day spent with your family? How beautiful a day can be When kindness touches it! ~George Elli


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