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DIY Dollar Tree Wood Crate Vase Holder

 DIY Dollar Tree Wood Crate Vase Holder Hi everyone, I'm back! I'm excited to share a simple craft that you can create in 10 minutes. I went to my local  Dollar Tree last week, and I came across these really cute vases/bottles with gold leaves on them. I instantly pictured them displayed, with mini lights, but I just wasn't sure how I wanted to display them.  After walking around the store for a little, I decided to also purchase a wood crate. I've been working a lot with these wood crates, and I knew I could come up with a quick craft to display these beautiful vases.  So if you're ready come along with me, and let's create this quick, and simple DIY wood crate vase holder.  Materials needed: Two glass vases with leaves Purchased at Dollar Tree Gold stickers Purchased at Joann's craft store Black paint One bundle of Greenery  Scissors/ wire cutters Total cost around $6 For this project, you can also add LED lights. This is optional, but I absolutely love ho


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