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Happy Friday to all {diy art box}

My daughter absolutely loves craft time. I love watching her paint and create new things. She's constantly learning new things and through her she is teaching me to be a better person and mother. Today it's raining out. We made it out to the library for toddler time, the kids danced and listened to stories. We had a delicious lunch together and we painted for a few. So I had an empty box and decided to use it to make an art box for my daughters art supplies.  Materials needed: -Empty box -Construction/craft paper -paint (I added a few flowers to her box) : -scissors -glue I took the box and measured each size and cut out the size needed of the construction paper. I did this going around the entire box. Glue on your construction paper to all  sides. It was really simple. So now we have more storage for our daughter's art supplies and more! Enjoy! Have a lovely weekend!!

Learning about shapes

Today I took my daughter to the park where we had so much fun. While at the park I showed her all the different shapes on the playground. For example, the difference between the slide and the tire swing.  She really had a fun time exploring. We had so much fun exploring at the park and playing on the playground. Once we returned home I figured it would be nice to continue teaching her about shapes. So I took a book that we actually purchased at Target in the dollar section. It's called "Bee Smart" -Shapes. I took some construction paper, and cut out the shapes. My daughter and I went through the book naming each shape, and she would place the cut out shape on the right shape in the book. It was a fun and very easy learning activity that we both enjoyed. We always have so much fun learning together! :) Hope you all are having a wonderful day~

What a lovely night! cappuccino& a craft...

We had such a lovely night last night. My husband made dinner, baked ziti and it was delicious. After we enjoyed dinner with our little one, we let her play for a little. My husband decided it would be nice to make the two of us some cappuccino. (We love coffee in our home) So of course I was up for it. As he made our cappuccinos we enjoyed each other’s company, and laughed a bit about our day. (I love moments like this) I figured while he was finishing up on our cappuccinos, I would enjoy a nice little craft with our daughter. We made some paper flowers, and created a laurel wreath headpiece for her to wear. (She's really into dress up. So I figured it would be a nice touch to add to her dress up time.) I started off with cutting a single flower out (any shape you want) I used that and traced a few more then my daughter painted a few of them. I then allowed it to dry for a few, and then cut them out and glued the ends of the flowers together, until I came to a complete circle

Fun with popsicle sticks...and more!

Since my daughter and I didn't make it out to the library, we did our own craft, and story time. (Which in my opinion is the best) :) Today we made popsicle stick frames, with a message. It was so much fun. For this craft the materials you need are: -Popsicle sticks -Hot glue gun -Paint -Markers/crayons -Construction paper (and scissors) 1.Start off by making a frame out of your popsicle sticks. Glue the corners together. I went ahead and made a message on construction paper to glue on to the back of the frame. (You will have to cut it to fit the frame. 2.Once that is done, paint your frame. (Have fun with it!) My daughter had so much fun with all the different colors. :) 3.Now once that is finished make a T-shape out of two popsicle sticks. (This is for the stand for the back of the frame.) Glue both sticks together, and glue it to the back of the construction paper. You're all done! Now you have a cute popsicle stick frame, with a message! Enjoy~

Craft time.-Butterfly & Bumblebee

Saturday night, my daughter and I had so much fun working on this craft. Butterfly, and bumblebee- using toilet paper rolls! For this craft you will need: -Craft paper -Scissors -glue stick -markers/crayons -toilet paper roll Start off with  taking your tp roll, apply glue over it, and apply your craft paper around the tp roll. Make sure to cover the entire roll. Now once that part is done just use your imagination and creativity. I actually cut a few strips and used them on the bumblebee's body. You can create wings, and whatever you would like to see on your creations. We really enjoyed this fun and easy craft. Once we were all done my daughter chased our pug around with the bumblebee! :) Enjoy!  Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. ~ Mary Lou Cook

My sweet little one...

Today our little princess turns 2. Where did the time go? My goodness, they grow so fast. I remember when she was first learning how to crawl, and now she runs, climbs, jumps....the list goes on. We had a hello kitty theme going for this birthday celebration. She loved it! She woke up this morning and was surprised at all the decorations we had put out the night before. :) We are still working on making her Art Easel, and we are so excited for her to use it!  I baked some cupcakes, (carrot cake cupcakes) and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast that daddy made.  Today has been a beautiful day; I thank God for blessing us with such a beautiful, loving, precious, outgoing little princess. She has changed our lives for the better.  God is so good.  I'm so happy that we were able to put a huge smile on her face today as we celebrated her 2nd birthday.           "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."


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