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September. Our Weekend

  I love September, especially when we're in it.- Willie Stargell     Blooming with love~   Groceries all bagged up, and ready to go!   Apple pancakes-Apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, some whip cream=delicious!     Our little artist~     September is finally here, and I'm ready to burn more candles and enjoy some hot apple cider. I can't wait for Autumn to arrive. This weekend we indulged in a few goodies and picked tomatoes from the garden. We used some tomatoes for our grilled kabobs. (They were delicious) I enjoyed my kabobs with a nice glass of Moscato. Over the weekend we enjoyed some play shopping with our daughter. She really enjoys pretend shopping and cooking.  We bagged up her groceries, and later cooked up some tasty food in her play kitchen. We enjoyed painting in the morning with our little artist. I just love watching her create art. :) My husband made apple pancakes over the weekend, and I must say I fell in love

Hello September-DIY sweet gift wrapping

Hello September... we finally meet again.  September is my birth month and I've always enjoyed the cool air that begins to pass through this month.  I enjoy the beautiful colors of blooming flowers and old ones that slowly fade. It's all just so beautiful. I decided since I love personalized gift wrapping I wanted to create something special.   It's a sweet gift wrap to welcome what will soon be Autumn in a few weeks. Materials needed: Paper bag (for package wrapping) Washi tape (I absolutely love washi tape, and so will you!) Fresh flowers Twine Here's what you'll need to do: It's pretty simple. Grab your special gift.  Insert it into the paper bag.  Wrap and apply your washi tape. Using your twine simply tie some fresh flowers to your wrapped gift. You're all done and ready to give your beautifully wrapped gift to someone special. Enjoy! Currently on my playlist: Yuna-Fading Flower (youtube)


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