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Lately. A sweet surprise

Life lately... Arriving at the doctor's... Patiently waiting in the waiting room... Little busy hands.. (We held off on telling people right away.) Surprise!!!  Baby #2   (Test was taken on January 11, 2014) I had my very first visit January 30th. We're all so very excited, and our little one is ready to be a big sister.. Now we patiently wait for my next Dr. visit. 

Crafting and other things.

We recently took a trip to our bookstore. -I was interested in the glass stone kit they had on their clearance shelf. So lately we have enjoyed painting and creating art on glass stone. I've also enjoyed some time working with my beads, and stamp kit. It has continued to snow here in Colorado, and now that the snow has started to melt...we are being told it will start up again tomorrow night through the rest of the week. Our time is spent indoors. I've been making us sandwiches; sliced tomatoes, lettuce, Turkey- deli meat, banana peppers, and a few other goodies. We picked up a loaf of Italian seasoned bread from the deli, and oh boy, it was delicious! Life has been pretty simple, with a few changes. -I'm so thankful for each new day.


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