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Hello friday.

Hello Friday, it's so nice to see you. :) I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Our week has been a sweet one. My daughter and I seem to always find something new to do. There's always a new adventure, and so much to explore. Yesterday we gave her some bubbles, and we were just so proud. She has officially learned how to blow bubbles. The first time we tried she blew a few, but this time it was back-to-back bubbles being blown. Ah, those sweet precious moments. Today we went to the library (toddler time), and there we sang, danced, and read books, and played with a few blocks. Her and I, plus another little girl and her mother were the only ones that showed up. (I'm sure the holiday had a lot to do with it) Once we were home again, I made us a tasty little snack. We enjoyed some apples with some peanut butter spread. I played some classic jazz-vocal blend for us, and  set up a tiny fort with a few pillows. We grabbed a few books, along with my daughters stuffed animal

DIY Paper Birds.

Lately, I've been looking through a few of my craft books, trying to find something new for the little one and me to do. Our daughter is two and is very hands-on. So today I decided we would make these cute little paper birdies. Materials needed: Paint (or you can use crayons or markers) we used paint hole puncher  Paper clips  tape Craft paper It's a very simple project. I just started off with making a bird so that I could use that as a cutout for the rest. Both my daughter and I painted our birds and allowed them to dry. Later we put the paper clips on each bird, using some tape to keep them in place. Using a hole punch, just punch out one eye on your paper bird. Now place them in a pot, or in your window. They are super cute.

Arts & crafts

  Hanging paper plate art collage   My daughter had so much fun with this one. (It was a little messy but so worth it) I set a few beads, glitter, markers, paint, chalk, and yarn (for hanging) I just let my daughter go at it. She was definitely a little artist. After I just punch two holes in it and hang it up so you can admire your little one's awesome artwork. :)     Popsicle Stick People       We have so many popsicle sticks left, so of course why not make popsicle stick people! I took out some washi tape, craft paper, markers, and glue. For this craft, my daughter needed some help. So I helped her make the faces, and she picked out the clothes for her popsicle stick people. We made a few creative hair-dos and what do you know, all done! Pretty simple, and let me not forget, it's tons of fun for the little ones after.        

Weekend. Family time

This weekend the rain rolled in, and I was one happy camper. It was nice to see some rain here in Colorado. The sound of the rain against the window sounds so peaceful. We watched the lightning off in the distance, and heard the thunder rumble as we sat out on the patio. We took our daughter to the park. We lost track of the time. We played on the slides, climbed on a  few monkey bars, and played some drums, and did some rattling. Sunshine, laughter, and just being with our daughter was blissful. My husband and I like to sit out and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the evenings, once the air is cool, and the sun is setting. (It's just so beautiful) We enjoyed some food off the grill, and later played with some blocks with our daughter. We piled a few pillows  together on the ground and read through a few books. (Right now our daughter's favorite book seems to be: Big Dog....Little Dog, by P.D Eastman.) When we all lay together on the ground this seems to be the time that our p


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