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Preparing dinner...

Over the years preparing dinner in our home has changed quite a bit. There once was a time that it was just my husband and me. Before we even came across our pug and had our beautiful daughter. Those were the times we would sip on a glass of wine, and enjoy some one on one conversation. We would laugh and just enjoy our time together preparing a meal.  Now that we have our pug and our little one...I often find myself tripping over a sneaky pug trying to sneak into the kitchen. Our daughter yells, "Get out of the kitchen". Our daughter normally stands on her play stool and says; "Mommy, let me help you make food".  I'm always delighted to have her help. I turn on our tiny kitchen radio and we sing while washing, chopping, and gathering ingredients for our meal.  I've been making decaf iced tea and using the In the raw monk fruit sweetener. It's definitely a change, but a good change. We have even switched to decaf coffee.-We h


Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.  -- Charles R. Swindoll Morning-Creating art. Sunny day- A stroll through the neighborhood with her lamb Putumayo Kids- Hooray my Cd arrived! I'm part of a moms-meet group online, and as one of my rewards, I chose to receive this CD.  It includes some songs from around the world. So we have been dancing and enjoying our mornings. Block-building, and some hammering as well. I've started a new journal. - Life can sometimes get somewhat hectic. -When it all seems to calm down, and our days seem a little longer, and a bit more peaceful; I enjoy the moments I spend with my family. This year; will be much different from last year. I'm always ready, and happy for a change. It's the cycle of life.  I've been slacking a little on my blogging. -With sunny days, long walks, clay sculpting, block-building, book reading, and some journal writing.- I'm a little


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