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Inspirational morning quotes, and tips to have a beautiful day.

  1. Stillness, and solitude  Start your morning with a clear mind.  Embrace this quiet moment. -Stretch, and take deep breaths. 2. Gratitude, and positive affirmations Gather positive thoughts. Write down 5 positive thoughts to take with you through the day. - I am able... -Today I will accomplish... - I will rest... -I will be active... -Today is a beautiful day to... -I will nourish my body... 3. Refresh your space and outlook Open windows.-Let in some sunshine. Let the sun gently kiss your skin while you read something inspiring. 4.  Just go with the flow Don't overcomplicate your thoughts. If you have a plan for the day, go with it. If not, that's okay! - Just go with the flow.  A new day, new you, and so many new opportunities! 5.  Be present in these moments Be present in each of these moments.  Set out to have a beautiful day.   Just slow done. Take the morning in, and make way for a beautiful day.  Are you a morning person?  How do you start your day, and create a posi


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