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Hello Autumn.-A Simple DIY Autumn Wreath, and Bonus Autumn Finds.

Happy Fall! I'm so excited to welcome the new season. I must say this is my favorite season of them all. What is your favorite season? Of course, I've already started decorating, and I wanted to share this super simple DIY Autumn wreath with you all. Simple DIY Autumn Wreath Materials needed Hanging Wooden sign. Small scarecrow paint Fall Flowers Hot glue gun Letter Stencils Wire cutter Start off by taking your Wooden sign, and adding your words to it. You can either do this with a stencil, or you can just do it using your own letter design. I used a stencil, and some paint as well. After allowing your letters to dry, you will want to add your fall flowers. I actually found all of my supplies at my local craft store. When clipping off your flowers, make sure you use a wire cutter. I found this to be very helpful. Now using your hot glue apply your fall flowers and your scarecrow. You're all done. Hang, and admire!  Bonus Autu


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