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This week.

This week: -The sun was shining. It was beautiful out. I think this may be the last week that I am able to enjoy my valentine's flowers. I've been giving them as much sunlight as possible.  -This week we worked on lessons with our oldest daughter. She's currently counting to one hundred and writing her own name. She's been writing her name for some time now. But what amazes us now is that she does it without us helping her. -I swear I tell her to slow down and stop growing. Our littlest one is now 5 months. She's rolling all over the place! -We took a trip to our local library. We checked out a few books and attended a few events. We're currently listening to the audiobook-  Caps for sale.   -I purchased a new nail color a week or so ago. When I have some time to myself; soaking my feet and painting my nails is something I enjoy doing.  - I took a week off from working out. Truthfully, my motivation and all my willingness had gone away. I

Sweet snowy adventure.

Just when we were enjoying some warmer weather... It decided to snow. And I must admit... It was beautiful out. We headed out to one of our favorite parks and  enjoyed a little time playing in the snow. Just us, some snow, and a sweet snowy adventure outdoors. - It truly was a beautiful day. **Hello and welcome new readers! So happy to have you here. And a big thank you to those who leave such kind, loving words here on my blog. I appreciate all of you. Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey. **


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