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DIY-3 Tier Play Cake Stand

DIY 3-Tier Play Cake Stand Our daughter absolutely loves baking in her play kitchen. She enjoys baking pastries and serving them with tea. I figured I'd make her a 3-tier cake stand. I'm happy with it, and she loves it! Here's what you need to do if you would like to make... Materials :  Empty box  glue stick  hot glue gun  marker  scissors  craft paper   3 TP rolls Start off by finding a round object. Using your marker trace your round object on your empty box. I used a medium size box and traced out 3 circles. Once you are finished cut each circle out.  Next, using your marker trace 3 circles onto your craft paper. Cut them all out and glue the craft paper on your cut-out box pieces.   Take your 3 tp rolls and glue some craft paper around each one. Once that is finished, take your hot glue gun and start gluing each tp roll to your cut-out circle pieces. You may have to hold each piece down for a few. Making sure it doesn'

Imagination play. Free download/printable

I hope you all enjoy this free printable/download. My husband created this Veterinarian medical form for our daughter. -And of course, we wanted to share! Enjoy~ You may print the picture below directly  Or if you want better quality it is available as a PDF download by   Clicking here Our daughter the Veterinarian giving Smart-E Dog a Check-up. Pin for later


  Cozy evening sunlight Snowy day More organizing/reusing blanket bags Our daughter and her little lamb. A quick piggy back ride on her back Tomato basil chicken stew Preparing pineapple on our food dehydrator  Sweet potato hash with spicy mango/jalapeno smoked chicken sausage For two days it snowed, and now it looks like a winter wonderland outside. I've been busy sorting through things. I'm still on a mission to have our entire home organized. I've been reusing a few bags, and boxes to store things away.  We have all enjoyed lying around, and being somewhat lazy. -It's really hard for me to do this; so when it’s never for too long. Lately; we have enjoyed cooking a few healthier meals. I cooked us a delicious tomato basil chicken soup.-It turned out great, but next time I will make some minor adjustments.  Lately; we have been using our food dehydrator a little more. We prepared some pineapple. We n


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