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Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment... This week... The clouds moved in. The air was cool. There was thunder  and suddenly the rain came down. I brewed a cup of coffee and sat just for a few. My girls were napping and at this very moment, I felt content.-At peace. Just here in this moment.- It was exactly what I  needed.                                           What was your peaceful moment for this week? ***** Each Thursday, I'll be posting a photo taken during a peaceful moment.

Around here.

Around here... We just celebrated our oldest daughter turning five last week. -This time she had a few special requests. We ordered her a princess cake, took her bowling, and ate breakfast at IHOP. - These were just a few things she requested.  I still can't believe that she's five. - She's excited about new adventures. We just finished her enrollment in school last week. I'll still be homeschooling her, but she will also be attending a local virtual school.- This way she will still have teachers and social events to attend with other students. I like to think of it as having the best of both worlds. I'll be her learning coach through the process.  My husband has taken on a project with our front railing. He's been finishing up with the staining and last-minute fixtures for it. It's really coming together. I've been sprucing a few things up around our home. - Making things a bit cozier outdoors


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