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Crazylittlelovebirds Link Party #4

Welcome to Crazylittlelovebirds link party #4!   Share  your family-friendly posts, the latest recipes, creative crafts, and inspiring home decor ideas. Let's start the party and see what amazing content we can all discover together! Blog Link features from party #3 8-29-23/9-5-23 Congratulations to our featured bloggers!  This link party is possible because of all of you. I am so grateful. Thank you to each and every one of you who entered last week's party.  Dee from Grammy's Grid has shared a simple yet beautiful post that reminds us of how mesmerizing the ocean can be. Head over to her blog and take a moment to relax and let the thought of the ocean take all your worries away. My Favorite Color Is Ocean Joanne from My Slices of Life has shared her favorite moments and highlights of August. Don't forget to visit her blog to check out all the fun she had! Favorites & Highlights of August 2023; One Sentence a Day Niki from Life of a Leo Wife has created a quick t

Easy Fall Framed Chalkboard Decoration

Today, I'd love to share with you a simple and quick way to decorate a wooden chalkboard. It's a cute and useful accessory for jotting down to-do lists, reminders, or just doodling.  It's a great DIY project that can add a touch of warmth and coziness to your home decor. Easy Fall Framed Chalkboard Decoration Materials Faux Fall floral Floral cutters One framed chalkboard-I purchased mine at Dollar Tree Acrylic paint Scissors Paintbrush Twine Applying paint to a framed chalkboard Pick your acrylic paint and apply it to the frame of your chalkboard using a paintbrush. I went with a color called "pumpkin" because I'm a bit obsessed with it. Cutting faux floral and adding it to framed chalkboard Next, use your floral cutters to remove the stems from your faux flowers. This makes it easier to attach them to the chalkboard frame. Once the stems are removed, attach the flowers to the wooden frame by applying some hot glue to the back of each flower. I added some fau


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