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Tis the Season to Spread Love with Custom Cards.

   My  opinions are completely my own based on the products I have received.  (Tiny Prints link exchange)     We all know that around this time of the year, things can get pretty hectic.  If you're anything like me, you like to get things done ahead of time. With that being said, I received an order of Christmas cards from Tiny Prints that reflected exactly what I requested.    I also got a Christmas ornament that was in an attractive little bag.    I love the fact that I am able to visit their site and create my very own custom cards, for a price not much more than purchasing card stock. If you aren't familiar with Tiny Prints, they make custom items typically based off of your pictures.      My recent order included 10 whimsical rainbow pearl-themed cards, 10 5x7 bright red bokeh confetti envelope liners, 10 gold envelopes, and also a bright red sugar vine Christmas ornament. My cards are a signature matte finish with a basic trim. I chose this design


I am here. I am loved. I am free. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Today is a new day and the Lord is my rock.  He's given me this day to inspire, help, learn, and love others. For this...I am thankful. Today I breathe in new air and my heart beats with excitement.  My girls inspire me to be the best mother I could possibly be to them. Their love is so much more than I ever imagined. They lift me up and bring daily joy, laughter, and happiness to my heart. For this...I am thankful. My love, almost 14 years of marriage, and still he amazes me. I love that he loves me for ME. He challenges me, inspires me, and believes in my dreams. For this...I am thankful. My days are long. I'm not perfect. And I often question my own abilities.  There's always a challenge. But, I stop and remind myself that I am only human. My heart continues to beat and I have so much love to share.  I wish you all well. May your days be filled with great joy, love,


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