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March and a few other things.

Hello all! I hope that life is treating you well. These days we're busy and now that it's Spring break we have been enjoying and exploring more. During Spring break we like to attend a few library events and other events that they have around town. At the end of April, we'll explore an Art museum. The weather here has been nice for the most part. Tonight they're saying that we may get some rain and snow. Not much will accumulate, but it's nice to get some moisture. This winter was pretty dry for us, and now I'm hoping that since it's Spring we'll get some rain showers. How's the weather where you're at? I haven't done much of gardening yet, but I'll work on that once the weather is a little warmer. Our grass is greening up a bit though. Lately, we have been enjoying family art night. Usually, if we aren't too busy we paint on Friday nights. I find us a painting tutorial on YouTube and we all painted together. So far I'v


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