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Our week {A few things I've learned, and I'm still learning}

I've learned, and I am still learning: Everything happens for a reason, and things soon fall into place People can be rude, and sometimes emotionless; you have the option of letting those people go There's so much beauty around us all. Let us learn to appreciate it I sometimes worry myself like there's no tomorrow, I'm learning that worrying that much does absolutely nothing. Other than stress you out!  That it's okay to set some time out for me, we all need some time to clear our minds from our busy/daily schedules. That I have so much love in my heart, and if I could I would scatter my love everywhere!  No matter how busy I get, I still have time for my loves. They mean the world to me. Our week This week the weather has shifted.  This week  I took some time preparing a few things around our home for the arrival of Thanksgiving. I haven't been in much of an organizing mood. -Ever since last weekend; we spent so much of our t

Silly Robot. {Creative craft}

DIY SILLY ROBOT We had a blast making this silly little robot, and I'm sure you will too! Materials needed: -TP roll -foil -beads -craft eyes -paint & paint brushes -pipe cleaners(for arms and hair) -hot glue and you will need a creative little one! =)  Cover tp roll with foil (it's really that simple) Let your little one paint, and be creative when decorating their robot. I helped with gluing; since we were using hot glue. We glued on the arms and hair of our robot using pipe cleaners. And you can place your beads/eyes where ever you want them on your robot. All done! Enjoy your silly robot.

Our week and weekend- {November lately...}

Baked Caramel apple bread -recipe- Bakingdom Our little artist Craft time at the library Our home consisted of sniffles, coughs, and a lot of snuggle time. I'm relieved and happy to say that we are feeling much better. Lately, it's been kind of slow around here. We have been enjoying our time together and engaging in a lot of learning activities. I've come across quite a few learning websites and virtual field trip sites. (I love the fact that there are so many around) Before we all came down with a nasty cold; we enjoyed trips to the library for stories and crafts with our daughter. Over the weekend, my husband and I cleaned out our garage. I'm really impressed with the finished results. We realized there were things we were holding onto, that really needed to go. So we swept, wiped, and organized our garage. I took some time to clean out, and also organize my laundry room. I normally fold, sort, and hang clothes up in the laundry room. I need


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