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Summer days at home.

It's been raining a lot! We actually had two days that the rain came falling down the entire day. It was dark and gloomy out. A few days before, we took a little trip out to Target. We picked up some puzzles and melty beads. -Their dollar aisle is amazing! We actually ended up throwing in a small simple kite.  At home, we have enjoyed putting together puzzles. Our daughter absolutely loves working on puzzles. Her face lights up and she's so proud when she puts her puzzles together all by herself. Of course, we're proud of her too.   I also came across some melty beads. Oh, what a fun little project to get your hands on. On a rainy evening, we worked on our melty beads. It took some time and with the leftover beads, our daughter will create one of her own. She was such a great helper. After we were all done, we took them and added some magnetic tape on the back and added them to the fridge.    Recently we bought a new cold brew coffee

Quiet, peaceful days

This particular day, it was quiet. The weather was cool and the sun hid behind the clouds. This day was great for sitting out at the park. It was a very quiet, peaceful outing. We made our way out to the park. -Kids were playing soccer, and volleyball and adults were grilling under the gazebo.  We sat under a tree and set our blanket up. Our daughter ran in circles, exploring and waving at other children. Eventually, she ran around and played tag with this little boy off in the distance. My husband joined them.  They built castles and forts in the sand. I stayed back. Relaxing and catching up on some reading. It was nice. I took my sandals off. What a relief, for my pregnant feet. Surprisingly they aren't so swollen, just really uncomfortable these days. After reading, I had time to reflect on a few things. Clearing my thoughts and taking in the fresh air.-It was so peaceful. Days like this come and go. When we are able to enjoy days li


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